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Great value supply and fit services for all types of car tyres – Watford and Hemel Hempstead customers can reach us easily at our convenient location in Kings Langley.

Like any part of your car, your tyres will eventually succumb to natural wear and tear – and the more miles you put in, the faster they’ll wear out. Whatever kind of driver you are, we’re here to help you find the best car tyres for your needs.

There are set legal requirements when it comes to car tyres, with a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm to ensure they can ‘stick to the road’ effectively – however, for additional safety in wet weather and at high speeds, we recommend changing your tyres when the tread wears down below 3mm.

Regular tyre checks and signs of wear

Slowly but surely, all car tyres start to show signs of wear, so if you notice any changes in your car’s handling, if your brakes are taking longer to slow you down, of if you notice a slipping sensation on the road – especially in wet conditions – it’s worth getting them checked out to be on the safe side.

Our tyre specialists offer a range of services to ensure your tyres are completely fit for purpose:

  • Tyre supply and fit
  • Regular/ad hoc tyre checks
  • Tyre balancing
  • Air pressure checks

Car tyres for all needs and budgets

Here at Japex, we appreciate that every driver has their own specific needs, so our technicians will take the time to listen to your driving habits and budget so that recommendations are tailored to suit each individual customer.

We can supply and fit budget car tyres, intermediate or premium brands, including:

  • Maxxis tyres
  • Nexen tyres
  • Goodyear tyres
  • Bridgestone tyres
  • Continental tyres
  • Michelin tyres
  • Pirelli tyres
  • Toyo tyres
  • Avon tyres
  • Firestone tyres
  • Hankook tyres
  • Yokohama tyres
  • Falken tyres
  • Event tyres
  • Dunlop tyres

Should you replace some or all tyres?

It’s generally recommended to replace all four tyres at a time, but if the wear or damage is limited to one tyre, this may not be necessary. Often, the optimum choice is to replace your tyres as a pair – either the front or back set, as this can improve the handling experience.

Our experts will help you to decide the best course of action following a full inspection of your tyres – our priority is keeping you safe while also encouraging the best performance from your vehicle.

Common Tyre Faults

  • Uneven Tyre Wear
  • Ply or Cords Exposed
  • Side Wall Bulge
  • Puncture Repairs
  • Puncture Repairs

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